back1“Whether it’s through writing jingles, making soaps, sewing clothes, making jewelry, or arranging songs, I love to create. I live in all my possibilities.”

Brooklyn based artist Frances Elizée, is a first generation Haitian-American singer-songwriter. Like most first generation children, her mother was eager to expose her young daughter to the arts, enrolling her into private music lessons for both guitar and piano at the age of six. Although, Frances was introduced to music at an early age, the idea of a music career didn’t interest her until the age of 12. At this time, her strings class was eliminated from her school programming and she was placed in chorus. It was then she realized her passion for singing and soon after followed her love of songwriting.

Frances has been a solo artist for well over 20yrs but was reluctant to release or an album. Her EP, entitled “Frances” is laments over lost love (music) and insecurities about performing.  Frances is currently working on remixing her Frances, EP into a full length album. New songs will be added to the project and will be released in 2016. Frances is also one-half of the master percussionist Bashiri Johnson’s Rhythm Healing lending leads on vocals and guitar. With Rhythm Healing she is working on two albums, one of which is a collection of children’s lullabies.  She also has embarked on creating a body care line Frances Elizee, Inc’s Homemade Healing.

Frances Elizée desires her music and other talents to motivate and inspire. She plans on starting her lipMove (Living In Possibility Movement) initiative to help all people to live their dreams.